Sunday, May 8, 2011

Signs He Is A Commitment Phobe

If you can relate to the not knowing feeling chances are you might be dating a commitment phobe. A commitment phobe is a man who fears settling down with one woman. The reasons vary but the symptoms are the same.

A commitment scared man will spend time with you. When you are together he treats you well and you feel a strong connection and chemistry. After the connection together though, you may find him pulling away. He may go a few days and you feel the chill. This is his way of keeping you at arms length and is a sign you are dating a commitment phobe.

In the bedroom a commitment phobic man can be quiet steamy. The passion is hot. The sex is great. It blows you mind that he vanishes or distances afterwards. Often commitment scared men will not even spend the night. If your guy always has an excuse to leave after sex, or he rarely spends all night or weekend, this is a huge sign he has issues with commitment.

Now every man needs his space. He needs time to hang out with the guys and do that bonding thing. Nothing wrong with this. If however, he is firm about it and you get the feeling that he doesn't want you anywhere around during this time, he is experiencing the fear of his loss of freedom.

Commitment phobes like to be in control. The often have you on a schedule if you are in an exclusive relationship. He goes out with the guys on Friday, he takes you out on Saturday. Sundays are his and you are not involved. If the scheduling thing sounds familiar, you are dating a commitment phobic man. Control is his way of again keeping you at arms length.

The commitment phobe is often confused with a man that is not that into you. Be careful that you aren't just using commitment phobia as an excuse when he really is just stringing you along.

Commitment phobic men can be turned around. It takes a patient woman and a woman with some pretty thick skin. Clingy, insecure women need not apply, you will never survive with your dignity in tact. I have seen many a confirmed bachelor marry. I have seen many a man leave a woman who he has been with for years go off a marry another woman after six months of dating her.

The thing that gets the commitment phobic to commit is a deep emotional attraction and attachment. He has to feel with you something that he hasn't felt with any other. This is not done by catering to him, or showing him how great you are. It comes from an independent woman that puts her heart first.


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